Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kick Up Your Heels . . . With Color!

I am a firm believer that accessories make the outfit, and I agree with this maxim when it comes to bridal attire also. Of course I believe that the wedding gown is the center of any wedding ensemble, but it wouldn’t be complete without the veil, jewelry and of course the shoes, right?

Speaking of shoes, there has been a new, fun, non-traditional trend in bridal fashion and that is colored shoes paired with the traditional wedding gown. I know that I’m not alone in rejoicing about the rising number of brides that are choosing to forego the traditional white and off-white options in order to wear shoes more reflective of their personalities and fashionable tastes.

Many brides are purchasing shoes that match their wedding color scheme and or satisfy the “something blue” requirement. Colorful footwear not only provides for some awesome photo opportunities, but it also gives the bride the ability to re-wear her shoes long after the reception and honey moon are over. I love this new trend and look forward to seeing more and more brides incorporate colorful shoes into their wedding day attire!

{Photos by Christen Jones Photography}

By: Brittany-Rae Gregory

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