Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bold & Beautiful Bride

A bride’s gown is just about the most important part of her wedding day ensemble, but what wedding gown would be complete without jewelry, right? Pearls, drop earrings, delicate bracelets and dainty pieces are some of the most popular choices for brides. Timeless and classic is often what a bride is thinking when she picks her jewelry for her wedding day.

It has been a long tradition for the bride to keep her jewelry simple and feminine . None of these choices are wrong, they are beautiful and all up to the bride as to what she feels like wearing. On the other hand, a bride should not be afraid to be BOLD and step outside the box. Some of the most interesting Bridal fashions out there includes not only the gowns, but the jewelry and accessories that the gown is paired with.

Long, layered necklaces has been something we have seen more and more brides embrace. It takes the right dress to be able to pull off a bold piece of jewelry whether it be earrings, a necklace or several, chunky bracelets. If you are contemplating a bold piece, try it on with your dress before you decide to play it safe with a strand of pearls. You never know until you try and things always look different once they are on.

If you typically where bold pieces with your everyday look, then don’t be afraid to do the same on your wedding day. Same goes for someone who is a bit more simple with their day to day look, if that is your style then stick with it, even on your wedding day.

Whether a bride steps outside the box or sticks with the traditional pieces, it is important that she feels comfortable in what she is wearing! Feel good and confident in your wedding day ensemble and most of all, be you!!

By: Lindsey Conrad Nabors

Jewelry from DebraJill Fine Handcrafted Jewelery

Photos by: Indesign Creative

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