Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CAKES by Cory Lewis

“Creating the perfect wedding cake is the result of a collaborative process between the client and designer as well as the perfect blending of the purest ingredients, seasonal produce and skilled preparation. This is how I make your cake.” Cory Lewis

More than a sweet bite at the end of the celebration, the cake is an edible work of art.

At CAKES, Cory Lewis ensures that the details of every cake are custom tailored to your individual occasion and personal vision. Blending her knowledge of design with artistic skill and culinary expertise, Cory serves up cakes of extraordinary beauty, taste and presentation.

Cory holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts and has been a ceramic sculptor for nearly twenty years. After spending years refining her craft of mixing, shaping and intricately decorating clay with her hands, she went to Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School to study baking. Cory now combines her skills as a sculptor with the magical touch of a confectioner to create cakes that are truly works of art.

Traditionally, the cake was to be made with the finest ingredients symbolizing abundance and ensuring the same for the newlywed couple’s life together. A rich cake signified a well-formed marriage alliance and under no circumstances was the bride to bake her own cake or taste of it before the celebration, dooming herself to a lifetime of hard work.

All guests must have a least a bite of cake. To refuse is considered unlucky for the guest as well as the bridal couple. If an unmarried girl should tuck a piece of cake under her pillow, she ensures that her dreams that night will be of the man she will marry.

If you are looking for a beautifully designed cake with an unforgettable taste, contact Cory Lewis at 662.832.3638, or e-mail her at m.corylewis@mac.com. You can also visit her website, corylewiscakes.com and her Facebook page to get more information and see more photos of her cakes which are all truly each a masterpiece!


  1. Gorgeous cakes! I've never heard that tradition of an unmarried girl placing cake under her pillow. I'll have to let some of my girlfriends know about this. ;)

  2. I believe that the cake helps pulls a wedding together. Whether it be the theme, the feel, or the look of the whole wedding. You see the cake and you know that it has a part of the bride and groom's personality in it. These are beautiful and stunning cakes!!