Friday, October 29, 2010

‘Til Death Do Us Part: Shawna & Roger’s Fall Wedding

On October 24 of last year, Shawna and Roger were married in a quaint place surrounded by woods in Brunswick, Tennessee called Griffin Chapel. Near the chapel was a graveyard that Shawna and Roger became quite intrigued with.

Shawna described what made them decide to have their wedding photos taken in the graveyard, “My husband and I are “weird” and there’s no way to sugar coat that! The graveyard just seemed like the perfect place to take beautifully timeless pictures that we could look at in 50 years and not think, “what in the world were we thinking?” and also the fact that our wedding was exactly 7 days before Halloween the graveyard was a no brainer (can’t help it…the Halloween spirit took over!)”

Their Halloween, festive spirit didn’t stop with their photos either! The Bride and Groom even accessorized to fit the time of year! Shawna wore some adorable Zebra print shoes, while Roger wore some skull and bone socks!

Shawna dished on their foot wear! “As far as our feet are concerned….gee, where do I start? I’m a woman and I’m a sucker for shoes…no matter how ugly, painful or tall they may be (especially anything animal print) I L-O-V-E S-H-O-E-S!!!! So, I saw these shoes and said, “I want to get married in those shoes, their kinda saucy!”….long story short, I got married in those shoes and I still wear them to this day! My husband on the other hand is a sucker for anything skull and crossbones (I think he was a pirate in a former life) but not in the wanna-be-rock-star kind of way. We went to pick out his tuxedo and I said “what about socks?” to which he replied “I’m going to wear my skull and cross bone socks” and I said “o.k.”. Plain and simple, that’s what happened!

I asked Shawna what made her decide to have a Fall wedding and since she is friends with the talented Christen Jones of Christen Jones Photography, she knew that was the only person in the world she wanted to shoot her wedding! Shawna explained, “Honestly, I knew I wanted Christen to be my photographer so I planned everything around her. I wanted these memories to last a lifetime and she was the only person I trusted to make that happen.”

While some look at a cemetery as a place that represents the end of life, it can also be a place to begin a new life together and this couple saw that! Shawna and Roger’s wedding is truly an example of a couple being themselves and showing their true personalities, which is what a wedding should be all about!

Shawna and Roger just celebrated their First Anniversary! Congrats to you both and we thank you for letting us share your unique wedding story! We know this will inspire others to follow who they are on their wedding day!

With that said, all of us from Southern Bride wishes everyone a safe and Happy Halloween weekend!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Make-up Tips & Q&A with Make Me Up by Danielle

What girl, especially a Bride, doesn’t like to know about the latest makeup trends and tips? Well look no further! We recently had the pleasure of getting some great makeup tips for Fall with makeup artist Danielle Lee from Birmingham, Alabama! So whether you are getting married, going to be in a wedding, attending a special event or just want to know about gorgeous Fall makeup, this post should be quite helpful!

Q: What is the over all look Fall Brides are going for this year?

A: I would have to say that pinks, plums ,coppers, and golds are what I have been doing and are hot trends for Brides this Fall. Fall brides are wearing eyeshadow shades from violet to tawney/brown to a soft gray and the most delicate of pinks. The overall look is flawless, elegant, and dramatic.

Q: What colors are most popular for the eyes this Fall?
A: The eyes have it this Fall 2010!! Center stage: Matte pinks, Metallic grays, golds, deep plums, metallic coppers, and any chocolate shades are hot for Fall. If you want a huge selection and variety I would hit Sephora and if you are on a tight budget, I would check out your local CVS as many times you can find some pretty pigmented colors. Loreal has a very nice selection of colors for Fall worth checking out! Once you get everything or preferably before you get a thing- Call or message me to come shop with you for a small price, I will get you set for Fall and be your shopping buddy for a few hours!

Q:How bout the lips?
A: Never doubt the power of the pout! Lips this fall are bold, seductive, and matte. The pinks always take the cake for fall, but this year red will give pink a run for the money. Think, a matte vintage red like the red lips you see on the televison series, “Mad Men.” The top go-to colors to create that oh so gorgeous fall look are Reds, Pinks, and Plums. Red lips can be tricky, and you need to really find the right shade to compliment your gorgeous complexions. My suggestion here is to ask for advice and help when you need it. I am happy to help and give advice. Remember when you do bold lips, go soft on the eyes and you will be good to go.

Q: Do the colors you use depend on the time of day the bride is getting married? For instance, if she is having an evening wedding, do you go a little darker with colors?

A: In my eyes, the colors I use do depend on the time of the wedding. If it is a day wedding we may not want to do that bold, smokey eye and sultry red lip. I would say opt for a soft, fresh look. Day makeup should always be different than evening makeup. With that said, you can still wear red lips during the day just balance it out with a nude eye. If you do a smokey-eye be sure to keep the lips soft and natural. Think about when you go to a 7pm wedding, it is much more formal, right? It is the same with makeup. The saying, ” It’s like night and day,” applies here. Bolder looks for evening, Softer looks for day.

Q: If the bridesmaid dresses are Plum, what colors would you use for their eyes and lips?

A: I love the Plums! When I have bridesmaids in Plum dresses my favorite colors to use for their eyes and lips are ultra feminine. For the eyes, I like to start with a soft, light allover color. Next, I would use a tawny/brown in the crease, followed by an extra pop of color in the side “V” of the eye! I would put a soft pink here. I love doing a dark amethyst/plum liquid or powdered eyeliner for the eyeliner bit. I use Trish McEvoy brushes for all my clients eyeshadow needs and let me say that brushes do make a huge difference in makeup application. I would finish this look off with a waterproof black/brown mascara and touch up the brows. For the pout, I love using a mulberry/plum shade to a rose shade especially during this Season. I always fill in with a liner so when your lipstick fades you have some color still there. Also, I recommend investing in Trish McEvoy flawless lip (around $25), it keeps the lipstick on for hours upon hours. Don’t forget to gloss, blot, and you are ready to celebrate those good times!!

Q: It seems that this Fall, jewel tones are in. Would you say these colors work for most skin tones as well?
A: Jewel tones are in this Fall and the plus side of this is that everyone can wear jewel tones. Of course, different colors will look better on one person than the next, so experiment and try different colors and purchase only what looks good on you and compliments your complexion. I don’t recommend purchasing just to purchase. Although, I know sometimes it is unavoidable. As a devout shopper, it is tough to walk away when we love something even though it may not look the best on us who cares we have to have it and voila the purchase is made. These are the items that are used rarely, so really think before you purchase and try on many shades and get opinions, it will only help you in the long run. When we look beautiful we feel beautiful and we feel beautiful we look beautiful. If you want to go for the ruby,emerald,amethyst, or gold- I say go for it! Jewels are not just for us to accessorize with anymore. They are for our lips,eyes,and more as Matthew Mcconaguh says in How to lose a guy in 10 days, ” Every lady needs a little frosting.” Yes, frosted shades are a huge trend for Fall 2010.

Q: What would you tell a Bride who wants her makeup done for her Fall wedding, but is a bit afraid of color?
A: I would listen to the Bride and ask her to bring me magazine images and any images she has to show me what looks she likes. I always do a Bridal Consultation with clients first before the wedding so we get everything down pat before the Big day. I would tell the Bride that I am here for here and want her to be comfortable with her look and with that said I would also advise doing a bit more color because we need everything to show up in pictures, but keep the bride comfortable also. I want the bride to love her makeup though, and I never finish with a client until she really just loves her makeup look. I love the look clients give me when they are truly very happy and pleased. That is why I do makeup! I love helping people and seeing those happy looks!

If you are looking for a fabulous makeup artist for your wedding or next event, contact Danielle Lee. You can visit her website at or call her at 334.233.2016. You can also visit her Facebook Page HERE!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

THE Queen of Wedding Cakes: Sylvia Weinstock

Sylvia Weinstock is THE Queen of Wedding Cakes! She has been baking and decorating cakes for over 25 years. She was first a school teacher who took her hobby of baking cakes to the next level and now she is a famous, multi-millionaire who is known as the ”Leonardo da Vinci” of custom cakes.

Here are some interesting and fun facts about The Queen of Cakes:

  • She didn’t know how to bake until her neighbor taught her how
  • Her parents were immigrants from Russia
  • Before baking cakes she made $60 a week as a school teacher
  • Breast cancer survivor of over 30 years
  • She lives above her bakery in NYC
  • She lives in the same building as Mariah Carey
  • She has baked more than 30,000 wedding cakes
  • Her cakes are flown all over the world . . . Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico to name a few
  • Her one wish was to make a cake for Princess Diana, but the Princess died before she could fulfill that dream
  • She takes pulbic transportation and uses her Senior Citizen Discount! (Love it!)

Check out this video with Sylvia talking about the process of making her famous cakes! Your mouth will be watering by the time it is over!

Still want to see more? Go to your local book store and pick up one of her books, Sylvia Weinstock’s Sensational Cakes and Sweet Celebrations: The Art of Decorating Beautiful Cakes! With the holidays right around the corner, one of these books would make a great gift for a bride to be, or anyone who loves eating or looking at beautiful cakes!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smarty Had A Party

So here’s a link that you might want to pass along to your maid of honor or anyone else who will be hosting a pre-wedding shindig in your honor.

Regardless of how sophisticated or low key your wedding may be, between the engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, post-wedding brunch and everything in between, surely there is at least one event thrown that requires the use of disposable dinnerware. Any self respecting bride would cringe at the thought of her guests eating off of a standard disposable plate, but, specializes in elegant disposable dinnerware.

Did you think elegant and disposable did not belong in the same sentence when discussing dinnerware? Many would, but you need only take a stroll through the event gallery on to realize that the two can coexist quite beautifully. From trendy items like bamboo and chocolate brown square plates, to classic standbys such as tuxedo striped dinnerware, the attractive serving and decorative pieces available at really do raise the profile of any event.

And it doesn’t stop at dinnerware, Smarty Had A Party also has a wide variety of Table Linens, Chair Covers, Lighting, Candles, Fountains, Ribbon, Place cards, the list goes on and on. So be smart and go check right now and see all they fabulous things to make your wedding or next party a hit!

You can also check out their blog for great party ideas and recipes, here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

First Dance Friday: Gardner & Kendyl

The lovely Gardner and Kendyl are our couple for First Dance Friday this week! They were married at Carahills II in Memphis.

Congrats to this sweet couple. Just as you danced together on your wedding day, we wish you dance your way through life for many, many years to come!

Photo by Donny Granger of Creation Studios

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bachelorette Party & Girls Night Out iPhone App

It was only a matter of time before bachelorette parties went digital… and now they have, thanks to Girls Night Out, a new iPhone/ iPod Touch app coming soon from Wee Black Sheep Entertainment.

Part scavenger hunt, part “Truth or Dare,” this entertaining mobile game is the perfect addition to a bachelorette party, a birthday celebration, or a night out with your girlfriends. Plus it won’t max out the credit card — Girls Night Out costs a mere $0.99. The idea is to head out to a bar with a group of friends and fire up the game when you get there. With more than 175 virtual cards in six categories including “Truth Be Told,” “The Hunter,” and “Naughty Girl,” the app sends players on hilarious missions around the bar and awards points to those who rack up the most wins. Players can also create their own custom cards to personalize the experience.

This fun new way to throw a bachelorette party is a perfect for any Bride-to-Be! Keep your eye out for this new app atApple’s App Store this month or early November!B

With This Ring . . .

The rings! Not only beautiful jewelry, but symbols of love and faithfulness to be placed on the finger to show the commitment made to one another. It is not hard to see how the ring and the gift of a ring

began to be associated with love long ago.

Wearing a wedding ring should be a constant reminder of the vows spoken on your wedding day. It is a token of love, devotion, and the ultimate promise. The shape of the wedding band, a circle, represents an unbroken promise of love and commitment. The circle has no beginning and no end; therefore, the marriage has no end. Carried out for thousands of years, the wedding ring is the oldest and most treasured tradition of marriage.

Photos by: Christen Jones Photography

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Wedding Q&A with I Do, I Do! Wedding Planning {part 2}

Today we are continuing our Fall Wedding Q& A with I Do, I Do! Wedding Planning! Read on to find out some great wedding and entertaining ideas for Fall parties and events!

Q: Do you do more indoor or outdoor weddings during Fall?

A: It is really about 50/50.

Q: When it comes to flowers, what types do you suggest a Bride use during Fall for her arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres?

A: It’s all about the brides style and vision! Calla lilies, sunflowers, winter jasmine, hypericum berries are a few that stick out to me. Some brides prefer a fall bouquet to look like it was picked from a meadow of wildflowers, some prefer timeless roses in a mix from the same color family such as dark burgundy, coral, apricot, and terracotta.

For boutonnieres, I prefer all natural with no flowers. Think fresh herbs, twigs, and berries!

Q:How about Fall Favors? Any unique ideas?

A: First, the favors must always fit the vision and style of the wedding and reflect the couple’s personality. That being said, here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Pumpkin or apple shaped cookie cutters with ingredients in a burlap bag and recipe card attached by a natural material such as twine or raffia
  • Live baby plants such as winter romaine lettuce
  • Fresh apple fritters from a local bakery packed in mini boxes with a custom logo sticker
  • Cookie shaped like fall leaves, iced and decorated, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a beautiful fall hued ribbon
  • Homemade apple butter in mini mason jars sealed with a custom made label designed by the bride and groom
  • Handmade soaps from the local farmers market wrapped in brown craft paper, tied with raffia, and a yellow daisy tucked under the tie

Q: If a bride has just begun her planning stages and contemplating a
Fall wedding, what would you tell her to help her make the decision for a
wedding this time of year?

A: Always be prepared for weather. Fall is a wonderful time to be outdoors, but it is also known for unseasonably cold or warm days. This should be kept in mind during the planning process. You can be prepared by having a plan B for back-up, such as outdoor tents with heaters, large fans, or picking a venue with indoor and outdoor space.

Another very important thing to keep in mind this time of year is the schedule of major sporting events in your area. Here in Alabama many people will pass on a wedding invitation to attend an Alabama game, Auburn game, or NASCAR event even if they are close friends or a relative of the bride or groom. Sad, I know, but true!

I Do, I Do Wedding Planning and Consulting

Birmingham, AL 205-837-8869

Photos by: Arden Photogrpahy

Want to see more of I Do, I Do’s work? Visit their Facebook page HERE!

Friday, October 15, 2010

First Dance Friday: Melanie & Julien

This week’s First Dance Friday couple is the fabulous Melanie & Julien. They were married October 12 of last year at Holy Rosary Church. Their fun filled reception was held at the Tower Room in Memphis and photographed by Ava Grace Photography.Happy Anniversary to you both! We hope you are dancing together today, just as you were a year ago! 901-336-1551

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let Ocean Club Resort Be Your "Something Blue"

Ocean Club Resorts, Turks & Caicos’ premier resort for destination weddings and intimate honeymoons, has launched The Grace Bay Beach Wedding Package exclusively designed for brides-to-be looking for a five-star beach wedding destination on a budget. Ocean Club and Ocean Club West are situated on the beautiful Grace Bay Beach, ranked among the best beaches in the world, offering 12 miles of powdery white sand with breathtaking views of crystal clear, turquoise waters.

The Grace Bay Beach Wedding Package includes:

  • Beach location setup with custom floral arch and draping tulle
  • Wedding setup
  • Bougainvillea bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere
  • Small wedding cake
  • Two bottles of champagne for toast
  • Decorated table for guestbook signing
  • Priest or marriage official
  • Processing of legal documentation and marriage license

In addition to a spectacular beach wedding, brides who book a beach barbeque reception at either one of Ocean Club Resorts’ beachside restaurants for 25 guests or more at $45 per person plus tax and service charges will receive The Grace Bay Beach Wedding Package for an exclusive rate of $1,500, a savings of nearly $400.

Plus, when wedding parties book at least 12 rooms for four nights at Ocean Club Resorts, the bridal couple will receive a three-night stay in a Junior Suite at no additional cost. Room rates start at $146 per night, and blackout dates apply. For more information or to make a reservation, please contact U.S. reservations directly at 1.800.457.8787.

To help trim costs, Ocean Club Resorts has prepared a list of Provo’s top four wedding service vendors to help brides plan a DIY destination wedding on a budget. Here are the top four Provo wedding vendors that help make dream Caribbean weddings a reality:

Hair and Make-up:

Beauty & the Beach and Maxime Le Salon

Caicos Café Plaza, Grace Bay Road, Providenciales / 649.946.5093


Spa Tropique

Conveniently located at both Ocean Club and Ocean Club West / 649.331.2040 /

Ocean Club Resorts exclusive deal:

Romance package – $340 per couple ($170 per person)

Couples enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy massage together, and then sit side by side sipping a glass of herbal tea while our therapists treat feet to the ultimate 75-minute foot experience.

  • Two 50-minute aromatherapy massages
  • Two deluxe foot treatments with pedicures


Brilliant by Tropical Imaging

The Studio, Leeward Highway, Providenciales / 888.682.0273 /


Flowers by Environmental Arts

Leeward Highway, Providenciales / 649.941.5579

Ocean Club Resorts

Ocean Club Resorts is comprised of two beachfront properties, Ocean Club and Ocean Club West, located just one mile apart on the exquisite Grace Bay Beach. Ocean Club Resorts features a “Stay at One, Play at Both” policy. With reciprocal charging, guests staying at Ocean Club can enjoy all of the services and amenities of Ocean Club West and vice versa. An easy stroll down a beautiful stretch of beach is the popular way to get between the two resorts although for those guests preferring to be chauffeured, a complimentary shuttle runs between the two properties. For more information or to make a reservation please contact Ocean Club Resorts directly at 1.800.457.8787, visit or contact a travel professional.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Wedding Q&A with I Do, I Do! Wedding Planning

The very talented Alene Gamel with I Do, I Do! Wedding Planning out of Birmingham, recently gave us some great tips and info about Fall Weddings and the details that can be used during this wonderful season. As you will see from the photos taken by Arden Photography, I Do I Do! Wedding Planning puts together a wedding that is elegant, chic, romantic, classic, and unique!

Q: How popular would you say Fall is for Weddings and Events?

A: It is very popular. October is now the second busiest wedding month out of the year.

Q: As a Wedding Planner, what can you offer in the Fall months that you cannot offer during the rest of the year?

A: Great weather! The temperature in fall is very mild ensuring that guest will not be to hot or cold. It is usually drier with less humidity, which allows for comfortable outside weddings that many brides dream of. We can also play with more intense colors which leads us to the next question.

Q: What colors are brides working with most this Fall as they plan their big day?

A: Warm intense hues are key. Think of colors in rich tones like: russet, copper, deep purple, plum, pomegranate, forrest green, yellow, gold, burnt orange, and navy.

Q: It’s all in the details! What are some of your favorite details for a wedding this time of year?

A: I love to use burlap against satin along with many other textured linens. Instead of flower petals, I like to use fall leaves to adorn mantles, tables, and aisle runners. And pillar candles anywhere and everywhere! Candlelight provides the perfect ambient lighting to warm up any space. In a past fall wedding I did, the venue had an outdoor fire place. The bride and groom provided guests with all the necessary ingredients to make smore’s. It was very nostalgic and created many warm memories for guests to take with them.

Q: Nature has become a big part of weddings today and is quite popular during the Fall months. How would you suggest a bride use natural elements in her wedding?

A: You have to make nature work for you. Always plan events around sunset. A wedding should be no more than one hour before sunset so the most beautiful light will be present as guests arrive to the reception. If it’s going to be a nature themed wedding you should seek out a natural, beautiful spot. In one of my past weddings, the bride and groom were married under an oak tree with a beautiful chandelier hanging from the branches. I love to use bales of hale covered in vintage quilts instead of rental chairs for outdoor seating. To bring the nature look inside, I like big grapevine baskets filled with mason jars alternating candles and flowers in the containers. You can really turn to floral arrangements to help carry your theme across inside.

Q: Should the menu for the Rehearsal Dinner and Reception reflect this season? If so, what food would you suggest serving guests?

A: Yes, a fall inspired menu will complement the fall décor -

~Pumpkin soup to start

~Organic baby spinach salad

~Fresh pasta with butternut squash, sage, pine nuts and bleu cheese

~Marinated Roast pork

~Stay tuned this week for more of our Q&A with I Do I Do! Wedding Planning and some great ideas for Fall weddings and events!~

I Do, I Do Wedding Planning and Consulting

Birmingham, AL 205-837-8869

Want to see more of I Do, I Do’s work? Visit their Facebook page HERE!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Flavors & Favors: Candy Apples

One of Fall’s favorite treats is the Candy Apple! The sweetness of the candy coating mixed with a crisp, tart apple makes for a perfect combination! Since this treat is a Fall favorite for many, why not serve them at your Fall wedding? You could have them at each place setting for guests to enjoy, or have them individually wrapped and use them as your favors! If you really wanted to let your guests have some fun, have a candy apple station and let them create their own!

Caramel is not the only option either. Chocolate, white chocolote, nuts, sprinkles, candy, the list goes on and on. You can also incorporate your colors into your apples and have them custom made to match your theme. A little ribbon tied on the stick of the apple and placed on the table is also a great way to ad a little flair to your table setting! Get creative! Your guests will love this tasty treat!!

But wait! We can’t forget the Bride and Groom! These adorable bride and groom apples would be perfect for the happy couple!! They would make the perfect gift and could also be used as wedding favors. You can order these festive apples at Edible Fruit Creations and Gifts.

By: Lindsey Conrad Nabors