Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"His & Hers" Decorating Styles

When a couple gets married they are often faced with mixing their belongings and struggle to combine everything to create their own style together, as a couple. The bride is usually faced with accepting items that the groom will not part with, which can become a touchy subject and test their newly married relationship. Just like anything in marriage, it’s all about compromise! If a couple can follow a few of these simple Do’s & Dont’s, they should be able to come to agree on what items to keep, how to incorporate pieces, all while not killing each other in the process!

* Don’t throw away your spouse’s belongings.

* Do think about it first. If you really hate his lava lamp, and beer posters you should gently approach him about these pieces. (It’s best not to bring everything up that you dislike all at once.)

* Don’t gather all of your spouse’s belongings and put them all in one room. This could make him/her feel isolated in the home. (Unless it’s a man room, which many guys do not object to!)

*It is important to find out what your spouse values and try hard to incorporate his/her input into the decorating effort. (We all know this many not fully work, but if your spouse knows that you are at least making an effort to incorporate his/her items in your home, they may not be quite so upset when it’s obvious it just wont work. Hey, at least you tried!)

* Do be aware of the emotional connection your spouse has with an item. He may not give a rip if you throw away a that old recliner he bought at a garage sale his first year of college, but may want to keep the bookshelf he made when he was in Jr. high. Compromising and being sensitive are critical when furnishing your new home.

* Don’t make major purchases without your spouse’s input. This should be a joint effort!

*Do look for similarities in your individual decorating styles. She may like more of a modern look while he may like things that have more of a rustic feel . These two styles can blend and be fabulous. Use the Internet for inspiration. Try to find rooms that incorporate the two styles so you can see how they can in fact blend!

* Don’t force one persons style over the other.

* Don’t say “NO!” before you try it. If there is an item he is wanting in the room but you know it will not look good, just try it. It will either surprise you or show him that it really doesn’t work. Also, if you do try an item in a room, move it around. Don’t try it in just one spot and decide it doesn’t work. Sometimes moving things around here and there can help you achieve a look that you are happy with.

* Do shop together and look for items that you both like. Many newlyweds are happily surprised to discover that they like a similar style. By shopping together and making this a joint effort, you may even discover the two of you have your own, new style!

Newlyweds learn a lot about each other when they have their first home! Decorating helps a couple discover each others taste and what each spouse values. It is important to be respectful and honest when combining belongings in a home. If a couple can do this and take the time to learn one another’s style and work on their home together, they will be on track to building the home they always dreamed of!

By: Lindsey Conrad Nabors

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