Friday, October 29, 2010

‘Til Death Do Us Part: Shawna & Roger’s Fall Wedding

On October 24 of last year, Shawna and Roger were married in a quaint place surrounded by woods in Brunswick, Tennessee called Griffin Chapel. Near the chapel was a graveyard that Shawna and Roger became quite intrigued with.

Shawna described what made them decide to have their wedding photos taken in the graveyard, “My husband and I are “weird” and there’s no way to sugar coat that! The graveyard just seemed like the perfect place to take beautifully timeless pictures that we could look at in 50 years and not think, “what in the world were we thinking?” and also the fact that our wedding was exactly 7 days before Halloween the graveyard was a no brainer (can’t help it…the Halloween spirit took over!)”

Their Halloween, festive spirit didn’t stop with their photos either! The Bride and Groom even accessorized to fit the time of year! Shawna wore some adorable Zebra print shoes, while Roger wore some skull and bone socks!

Shawna dished on their foot wear! “As far as our feet are concerned….gee, where do I start? I’m a woman and I’m a sucker for shoes…no matter how ugly, painful or tall they may be (especially anything animal print) I L-O-V-E S-H-O-E-S!!!! So, I saw these shoes and said, “I want to get married in those shoes, their kinda saucy!”….long story short, I got married in those shoes and I still wear them to this day! My husband on the other hand is a sucker for anything skull and crossbones (I think he was a pirate in a former life) but not in the wanna-be-rock-star kind of way. We went to pick out his tuxedo and I said “what about socks?” to which he replied “I’m going to wear my skull and cross bone socks” and I said “o.k.”. Plain and simple, that’s what happened!

I asked Shawna what made her decide to have a Fall wedding and since she is friends with the talented Christen Jones of Christen Jones Photography, she knew that was the only person in the world she wanted to shoot her wedding! Shawna explained, “Honestly, I knew I wanted Christen to be my photographer so I planned everything around her. I wanted these memories to last a lifetime and she was the only person I trusted to make that happen.”

While some look at a cemetery as a place that represents the end of life, it can also be a place to begin a new life together and this couple saw that! Shawna and Roger’s wedding is truly an example of a couple being themselves and showing their true personalities, which is what a wedding should be all about!

Shawna and Roger just celebrated their First Anniversary! Congrats to you both and we thank you for letting us share your unique wedding story! We know this will inspire others to follow who they are on their wedding day!

With that said, all of us from Southern Bride wishes everyone a safe and Happy Halloween weekend!!

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