Friday, November 5, 2010

Initially Me

Ladies, are you looking for that perfect gift for the Groom, Father of the Bride or Groomsmen? Well look no further!Eternally Linked has recently created a line of unconventional, customized initial cufflinks. Instead of the usual monogram sets, they offer a more modern take on the classic accessory. What makes these cufflinks different from the rest is the option of color and initial placement. Every pair is handmade in New York City by a talented lady named Tiffanie who has been making jewelry ever since she took a metalsmithing class a few years ago right here in the South. Her “Initially Me” cufflinks have become very popular and have even been seen in New York Magazine!

Another great thing about “Initially Me” cufflinks is the price! Compared to other monogrammed cufflinks that cost more, these are not going to break the bank and the quality of work is outstanding!

The process of making these unique cufflinks is quite interesting as well! First, the cufflink base is covered with colored epoxy resin of your choice. After the initial resin dries, another resin treatment is started and the sterling silver initials are set in clear epoxy resin. The sterling silver letters are solid and appear to floating. The cufflinks measure 15mm round and the base of the cufflink itself is an alloy base metal.

Another great thing about these cufflinks is the number of options that are available when it comes to color! There’s not just 2 colors, 5 colors, or 10 colors to choose from . . . . there are 25 colors!!! And if you do not see a color you are looking for, they can work with you on that! When you visit Eternally Linked’s Etsy shop, you will see the color chart and choose your colors from there. Here are just some of the many colors that are available:

Blue: Sapphire, Denim, Navy, Turquoise
Red: Ruby, Red, Coral
Orange: Orange
Yellow: Yellow, Gold Topaz
Silver: Pewter
Green: Green, Emerald
Black: Jet

Initial placement is also another part of what makes these cufflinks so unique. Customers have the choice of choosing whether they want them side by side or diagonal. More examples of this can be seen here.

These cufflinks would make the perfect wedding gift, Father of the Bride gift, and Groomsman gift. Also, with the holidays right around the corner, these customized cufflinks would make for a great, memorable stocking stuffer! Oh and did I forget to mention that shipping is usually less then $5? Well it is, how awesome is that!?!

If you are thinking this would make a great Christmas gift, visit Eternally Linked today for more information on Holiday orders. You can also visit them on Facebook!

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