Monday, April 25, 2011

Mason Jars

The Mason Jar, also known as “Ball Jar” was invented in 1858 by John Mason. The original purpose of the mason jar was to be used for preserving and storing food. They are still used for that very purpose today, but have also become quite popular for weddings as well. Many brides have been using mason jars to incorporate a little southern flair into their big day.

They can be used in so many ways! They can be a decoration with candles or flower arrangements inside, on tables, as aisle markers, as table numbers, filled with some treats/favors for the guests, and of course they can be used to serve food and drinks.

Mason jars can be used in both formal and casual settings. Adding some beautiful floral centerpieces can make them more formal, while placing a single stem or votive candle can make it more casual. They can also be used as glasses for your guests to drink from. You can serve Southern favorites like lemonade or sweet tea or even a signature, Southern cocktail.

If you are interested in finding, vintage mason jars for your wedding or event, check local antique shops in your area or you can also find them on Etsy.

Bridal Jewelry Trend: Rose Gold

Scott Mikolay’s Aragon collection is a perfect fit for the upcoming trend in Rose Gold wedding bands and bridal jewelry. His use of diamonds and Rose Gold makes for a romantic gift or wonderful piece when tying the knot. His pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Whitney Port, Rob Thomas, Lo Bosworth, Jessica Lowndes, Brittany Show and many others.

Sensitive to a modern woman’s lifestyle, Scott Mikolay has created streamlined statement jewelry that is easily worn and displayed. Each piece is striking, powerful, and distinctive.

To view more exquisite pieces by Scott Mikolay, visit and check him out on Facebook for photos and updates on his collections and the celebs who wear them!

Personalized Wedding Puzzles {by Bella Puzzles}

Today we are excited to share something with all of you that would not only make an adorable gift, but also a great keepsake and fun alternative to the traditional guestbook. Bella Puzzles makes traditional wooden puzzles for your wedding! It can be a photo wedding puzzle custom made with various shapes and words.

The wood wedding puzzle can also be custom made with shapes for your guests to write messages on and serve as your guest book. Your wedding guests will have fun leaving their messages on the puzzle pieces and even putting the pieces together as they mingle. Instead of having a guest book that you tuck away, how about a puzzle that you can enjoy for years to come? It would be a great keepsake to pass down to your family! I can see it now, your children come to visit for the holidays, along with the grandchildren. That would be the perfect time to have your wedding puzzle out! Let your kids and grandkids have fun putting the puzzle pieces together, while also reading the wishes from friends and family from your wedding day!

All puzzles are custom made with personalized words, shapes, figures, names and dates. Production time is 14 weeks.

To find out more about Bella Puzzles, visit them at and on Facebook.

There Will Be LIGHT {Q&A with Lighting Specialist: Radiant Designs Inc.}

Lighting has become a huge part of weddings and events today. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding or event, having the right lighting can make all the difference in the world. It enhances the decor and sets the perfect mood which your guests will remember forever!

Today we are excited to share the lighting Q&A we did with Jim from Radiant Designs in Little Rock. Radiant Designs has been doing event lighting for over 25 years and they are pros when it comes to visual design!


Q: What are some trends we will be seeing with Lighting in 2011 for Weddings?

A: We have noticed couples wanting to include lighting designs as an integral part of their special day. Lighting has gone from being a luxury item to a necessity.

Q: When Brides come to you and are interested in Lighting for their Wedding/Reception, how do you work with her to figure out what type of lighting is best for her big day?

A: At Radiant Designs, our procedure is to ask lots of questions first. Like colors, theme, location, times of day and mood. All these factors play a big part of what we will come up with for a lighting design proposal. When we have the big picture then we will propose some ideas. You see, when a bride comes to us, we are not just selling her a lighting package, we are providing a design service. Much like we design a large special event, concert or show. We custom design the lighting for her. For example, we recently lit a wedding for a couple getting married during Mardi-Gras week. They wanted to work in some aspects of Mardi-Gras into their reception. In addition, the location was a 1930’s era hotel lobby and ballroom with lots of wood Art-Deco fixtures that the bride wanted to accentuate. Her colors were purple complimented with orange. We lit the wood fixtures in soft, warm earthy ambers, the columns and drapery were lit in purple, the common areas and dance floor bathed in dark amber with lavender lights. It was a very inviting and cozy atmosphere. The food buffet was accented with natural color swivelier spotlights. The cake was lit with natural color wash.

Q: Does color of linens and the venue itself play a factor in the type of lighting you suggest?

A: Absolutely! The Brides colors, linens and d├ęcor are her personal touch! The lighting design needs to perform in a supporting role for her theme. We design the lighting to match and compliment. As far as a venue is concerned, the colors of the room and ambient lighting play a great part in what lighting treatment we apply. Radiant Designs has been called upon for situations where we literally transformed four cinderblock walls into a fantasy palace. We lit the walks in the theme color and then applied patterned lighting of a complimentary color to give a wallpaper effect. This was topped off by projecting the couples monogrammed initials projected onto the wall behind the cake! It was fantastic!

Q: What are some of the most popular colors/designs of lighting you are seeing brides choose these days?

A: We have created environments with virtually every color you can think of. Some of the more recent popular colors are, lavender, teal and blue. A projected monogram of the couples names or initials is a very popular lighting effect that is very impactful yet relatively inexpensive. We used them on walls, dance floors, fireplace mantels and even on the sides of buildings! Another popular effect is to wallpaper the walls with a soft organic patter projection. This also works well as an indirect light source for your guest tables.

Q: What would you tell a Bride who is on the fence about Lighting for her wedding?

A: I would say be thoughtful about your total presentation. Hire a wedding planner and lighting designer you trust. Ask to see examples of their work. See that lighting can transform any venue into the dream environment that you’ll remember forever!

To find out more about Radiant Designs, visit their website at and visit their Facebook page!

Coffee & Dessert Reception

Recently I saw the most adorable idea on another blog, called Swanky Tables. It was a Coffee & Dessert Reception!! How cute is that? Not only is it so cute, but it’s a unique idea, as well as cozy and intimate. Plus, who doesn’t love desserts??? This could also be a great idea for a shower!! We would like to thank Swanky Tables for allowing us to share this post and “sweet” idea!!

To see the full post visit our official blog HERE.

{The following is by Annette from Swanky Tables}

“I had the great opportunity to work on this Coffee Shop Reception Shoot coordinated by Lisa Martin of Studio del Fiore. I LOVE coffee and I was super excited to be part of the shoot.”

“LOVE the burlap and bronze accents on the invitation by 1st Comes Love.”

“Gorgeous floral bouquet and centerpiece by Studio del Fiore. Love the books!”

“A coffee cozy favor and a personalized burlap bag of the couple’s favorite coffee beans.”

“Sweets and Coffee, what could be better!”

“The BEST coffee shop, Portland’s Case Study Coffee!”

The Fabulous Vendors:
Floral Design: Studio del Fiore
Invitation Design: 1st Comes Love


Thank you again to Swanky Tables for allowing us to share this “sweet” idea!!