Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to be a Good Southern Wedding Host {Guest Blogger}

Today we have guest bloggers Raquel Miranda Hinson and Beth Blose Wilson from Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals discussing etiquette! Enjoy and visit Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals blog: Enchanting Events for more tips!

How to be a Good Southern Wedding Host!

Being a gracious host is a big part of planning a wedding. Though it is your day, the people whom you chose to invite are your guests and should be thought of during the planning and on the day of your wedding.

Information is Power
It’s important to be as informative as possible when telling your guests about your upcoming nuptials. Save the Date cards, invitations and wedding websites are the best ways to inform your guests as a collective. Websites such as
The Knot offer free hosting for wedding websites where you can provide guests with information on hotels, things to do in your city, driving directions, specific attire concerns and more. If your location is new or particularly obscure, a direction card on how to get there should also be included in your invitations. Most importantly, your invitations should indicate the formality of the ceremony and reception and should be sent out within 6-8 weeks of your wedding date.

Thank You Notes
Today, it’s not uncommon for a couple to have multiple wedding showers prior to getting married. Promptness in sending out thank you notes is greatly appreciated by everyone and it will save you for doing them all at once post-wedding. Designate one person per shower to write down who gave you what to insure personalized thank you cards and they should be in the mail within 10 days of your shower. Don’t forget, send a thank you note to the people who threw you the shower, even if they don’t give you a gift. As for guests who bring gifts to the ceremony, those thank you cards should be received two weeks after you return from the honeymoon.

Food for Thought
Receptions come in all shapes and sizes these days, particularly when it comes to food. The time of your ceremony generally indicates what type of food will be served- if your reception is at dinner time, it’s time to feed your guests dinner. Afternoon or very late evening receptions, however, have more flexibility. If you decide to serve a full meal, be mindful of your guests. If you’re a die-hard vegan, ask the caterers for a vegan plate for you but otherwise, plan your menu for the masses. Particularly in the south, most guests won’t understand what a non-dairy dinner entails and will likely leave your reception hungry and confused.

Drinks Are On the House
Imagine if a friend or family member invited you over for a gathering of any kind and then asked that you pay them for your glass of wine. Having a cash bar at a wedding is essentially the same concept. Of course, not everyone wants to or can afford an open bar of every drink imaginable but there are creative options to keep everyone happy. If it’s a conservative reception or a need to cut costs, just serve everyone a glass of champagne for a toast. Another option is to eliminate liquor and simply serve wine and beer; having one white wine, one red wine and your favorite brew is a completely appropriate way to celebrate at your reception without breaking the bank.

Keep these little things in mind and also that, while it’s a day for you and your new spouse, it’s also polite and expected to remember the guests with whom you’ve decided to celebrate this amazing occasion.

Jelly Shots {A classy version of the Jell-O Shot}

What are Jelly Shots you ask? Jelly Shots are classic cocktails translated into gelatin form, i.e. a grown-up, classy version of the Jell-O Shot! The hallmarks of a Jelly Shot include: a flavor true to the cocktail inspiration and a free-spirited jiggly form that makes them a delight to devour. These are perfect for any party, wedding or event. They are not only tasty, but also little pieces of art!

If you do serve these at an event where children will be present, make sure you have someone at the station where the Jelly Shots are being served, or have them passed around by someone to ensure that the kids don’t get their hands on them. It’s probably a good idea to have some Jello gigglers for the kiddos, so they feel like they have something fun and yummy too!

{Bramble Jelly Shots}

{Mandarin Cosmo Jelly Shot garnished with a small wedge of mandarin orange}

{Root Beer Barrel Jelly Shots, Popsicle-style with a tiny wooden handle}

To get the recipes for these Jelly Shots, visit Tastespotting.com


BHDLN: Anthropologie Weddings {Dresses & Gowns}

The fabulous, eclectic, whimsical store we know as Anthropologie is about to bring something great to Memphis and brides all over the Midsouth, BHLDN {aka Anthropologie Weddings.} Their vision is to help every bride create an event that reflects her own unique perspective. Their gowns will have an heirloom feel to offer brides that classic, vintage look. And it doesn’t stop there, they will also have artisanal hair adornments, lingerie, footwear and yes, something for bridesmaids as well!

The store with all of these wedding treasures will be coming this summer in the Saddle Creek area. We are so excited that Memphis will have something like this for brides to use and enjoy as they plan the day of their dreams! We expect to see many brides in Anthropologies Wedding attire very soon, but until then, here’s peak of some of the gowns and dresses we just might see!

We will be back later this week to show some of the oh so fabulous decor, accessories and eye candy BHDLN~ Anthropolige Weddings will be offering.

Stay tuned . . .

{photos via BHLDN.com}

Vera Wang Fine Papers

While she is mostly known for her stunning wedding gowns, Vera Wang is doing so much more these days. She has her own luggage, clothing, jewelry, shoes, tabletops, eyewear, fragrance, mattresses, flowers, bedding and fine papers. I knew of her clothing, shoes, bedding and accessories of course, but I did not realize the extent of her fine paper collection, until I received a box full of goodies from my mother, which included some beautiful Vera Wang Stationary!

This got me interested and I had to see her fine papers collection! Her collection combines traditional and modern with beautiful colors, and bold, unique designs and textures. Stationary is a very personal thing and when you send someone a letter, what you send it on says something about you, and your style. Just like when sending out wedding invitations, this sets the tone and feel for how your wedding will be and is the first glimpse to family and friends of what to expect on your big day! Vera Wang Fine Papers are classic, unique and the perfect choice when simply sending a letter to an old friend, birth announcements, or wedding invitations. Whatever the occasion may be, Vera Wang Fine Papers is the perfect choice.

China Patterns & How to Choose the Perfect Set

Picking a china pattern is something brides have been doing for quite a long time. It is an important task and something a bride should put some thought into since she will probably being using it for many years to come.

1. The china you select should be a reflection of you as a couple, your peronality, and style.

2. Think about how you decorate your home or how you see yourself decorating your home. If you are into modern, clean lines when it comes to furniture and decorating, then think about that when it comes to choosing a pattern.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! It’s often fun to take a striped dish and mix it with another set. This ads character and makes for a fabulous dinner table!

4. Don’t take many people with you when it’s time to select. Go with your fiance and do this together, as a couple. Too many opinions can make it hard when choosing the china you really want!

5. While you do want to think about the future when it comes to picking a pattern, don’t let that keep you from picking what really speaks to you. You want to choose something that you love and enjoy using, even if it’s not everyday! If something speaks to you, then go for it!

{China photos from Dillard’s}

There is no right or wrong when picking out your china, because it’s just that . . . it’s yours! However, you do want to think about picking something you can use year around, that can be used throughout all the seasons (that way you can use it more often.) For example, if you pick something with a pastel blue, you may only use it for Easter or dinners during the Spring and Summer months rather than using it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You also want to ask yourself, “Will I like this pattern 20 years from now?” I have heard many women say today that they wish they had picked something else, something more classic and versatile. Classic doesn’t mean boring, but is something to consider when picking fine china!

Pretty In Pink

Today we are sharing some pretty, pink inspiration. These beautiful photos are from the wedding of Trey and Tiffany Tassin. The photos were taken by the talented Erin Moulden Photography, a husband and wife team out of Arkansas. The flowers were by Little Black Dress Brigade floral design and event planning, also out of Little Rock.

The combinations of delicate pink and white flowers were used in the bouquets, flower arrangements, decorations and adorned their beautiful wedding cake. The lovely shades of pink perfectly complimented each other, making for a romantic wedding and event!

To see more photos by Erin Moulden Photography, visit their Facebook page and website, at ErinMoulden.com