Tuesday, June 14, 2011

China Patterns & How to Choose the Perfect Set

Picking a china pattern is something brides have been doing for quite a long time. It is an important task and something a bride should put some thought into since she will probably being using it for many years to come.

1. The china you select should be a reflection of you as a couple, your peronality, and style.

2. Think about how you decorate your home or how you see yourself decorating your home. If you are into modern, clean lines when it comes to furniture and decorating, then think about that when it comes to choosing a pattern.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! It’s often fun to take a striped dish and mix it with another set. This ads character and makes for a fabulous dinner table!

4. Don’t take many people with you when it’s time to select. Go with your fiance and do this together, as a couple. Too many opinions can make it hard when choosing the china you really want!

5. While you do want to think about the future when it comes to picking a pattern, don’t let that keep you from picking what really speaks to you. You want to choose something that you love and enjoy using, even if it’s not everyday! If something speaks to you, then go for it!

{China photos from Dillard’s}

There is no right or wrong when picking out your china, because it’s just that . . . it’s yours! However, you do want to think about picking something you can use year around, that can be used throughout all the seasons (that way you can use it more often.) For example, if you pick something with a pastel blue, you may only use it for Easter or dinners during the Spring and Summer months rather than using it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You also want to ask yourself, “Will I like this pattern 20 years from now?” I have heard many women say today that they wish they had picked something else, something more classic and versatile. Classic doesn’t mean boring, but is something to consider when picking fine china!

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